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Davies Molding had started its business with only seven molding presses and three punch presses In 1933. Davies Molding was then known as "The Harry Davies Molding Company" after owner Harry Davies.


The once small plastic molding company that stood in downtown Chicago is now the largest manufacturer of plastic knobs and handles in the world today. A Davies’ knob or handle can be found on countless products including industrial machinery, lighting equipment, lawn & garden equipment, power tools, cookware, barbecue grills, food processing equipment, medical & lab equipment, electronic equipment, fitness & recreational equipment, and more. Although Davies Molding is well known for its standard knobs, handles and cases, did you know we also have extensive custom molding capabilities? We mold butterfly seat valves and frac balls for the oil and gas industry, as well as automotive, food service equipment, HVAC, lighting, and electrical custom plastic parts.

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