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Isocom is a manufacturer of optoswitches, MOSFET relays, and other optoelectronic components and has been a leading supplier of infrared optoelectronic devices for over fifteen years, specialising in optocouplers.


They offer competitive product drop-in replacements for all popular optocoupler industry standard types as well as their own branded parts and custom selections.

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Single Channel 30 V 50 mA 75 mW Transistor Sensor Slotted Interrupter Switch

Mfr Part#:H22A1

RoHS compliant

From as low as   $0.7000 USD

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DIP4 Through Hole Single Channel 80 V 5300 Vrms Phototransistor Optocoupler

Mfr Part#:PS2505-1

RoHS compliant

From as low as   $0.1370 USD

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