Future Microsemi PolarFire MPF300 Eval Board with Arduino Expanders

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Product Highlight

The Avalanche Development Kit allows developers to quickly prototype for the lowest power mid-range FPGA platform in the market. At the heart of the kit
is a 300k LE (logic element) PolarFire non-volatile FPGA from Microsemi. The PolarFire FPGA family is a cost optimized, lowest power mid-range density
FPGA family with proven security and exceptional reliability.

Best in Class Features Include:

  • Microsemi PolarFire MPF300
  • Microsemi LX7167 step down converter
  • Microsemi Gigabit Ethernet PHY VSC8531
  • Microsemi embedded FlashPro 5
  • ALLIANCE 4Gb DDR3 synchronous DRAM (SDRAM)
  • HALO fast jack single port HFJ11
  • HALO shielded drum inductor HDS1255
  • High speed serial connectivity transceivers (SerDes)
  • Microchip 64Mb serial flash SST26VF064B
  • Microchip analog converter A/D MCP3903
  • Panasonic Wi-Fi module PAN9320
  • Sullins Arduino compatible expansion headers
  • Sullins MikroBus expansion headers
  • Sullins PMod expansion connector

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