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What is an RF Diode?

A diode is an electronic component with asymmetric transfer characteristic, with low resistance to current flow in one direction, and high resistance in the other. A semiconductor diode is a crystalline piece of semiconductor material. There are several types of RF diodes including:

  • PIN diodes: A PIN diode has a central intrinsic layer. PIN diodes are used as radio frequency switches and attenuators, as large volume ionizing radiation detectors and as photo detectors. They are also used in power electronics, due to their central layer being able to withstand high voltages.
  • Schottky diodes: A Schottky diode is constructed from a metal to semiconductor contact. Their forward voltage drop at forward currents of about 1 mA is between 0.15 V and 0.45 V, therefore making them useful in voltage clamping applications and in the prevention of transistor saturation.
  • Varicap (or varactor) diodes: Used as voltage-controlled capacitors. These are important in PLL and FLL circuits, therefore allowing tuning circuits including TV receivers to lock quickly.

Types of RF Diodes

There are many different kinds of RF diodes available at Future Electronics. We stock several of the most common types categorized by several parameters including diode capacitance, series resistance, packaging type and frequency band. The parametric filters on our website will allow you to refine your search results according to the required specifications.

RF Diodes from Future Electronics

Future Electronics carries a wide range of RF Diodes from the best quality manufacturers. Once you decide if you need a Band Switching Diode, PIN Diode, RF Schottky Diode or Varicap Diode, you can choose from their technical attributes and your search results will be narrowed in order to match your specific RF diode application needs. You will therefore be able to find the right RF diode semiconductor for your pin diode switch, switching diode, microwave diode, Schottky barrier diode, RF detector diode or other types of diode switches.

We deal with several manufacturers such as Avago Technologies, Rohm Semiconductor, Vishay and NXP, among other manufacturers. You can refine your RF diode product search results by clicking the preferred RF diode brand below from the list of manufacturers.

Applications for RF Diodes:

PIN diodes can be found in RF switches, attenuators, photo detectors and photovoltaic cells including microwave switches, microwave variable attenuators and limiters. Band switching diodes can be found in surface mount band-switching circuits and mobile and TV applications including television tuners.

Schottky diodes are often used in high frequency applications, and specifically for the gain control stages in the RF part of a cell phone. They can also be found in power rectifiers and Solar cell applications.

Varicap diodes (or varactors) are often used as voltage-controlled capacitors. They are found in parametric amplifiers & oscillators and voltage-controlled oscillators as part of PLLs and frequency synthesizers. Varactors are found in TV tuners in order to electronically tune the receiver to different stations.

Choosing the Right RF Diode:

When looking for the right RF diode with the parametric search, you can filter the results according to the required category. We have the following RF Diode categories:

  • Band Switching Diodes
  • PIN Diodes
  • RF Schottky Diodes
  • Varicap Diodes

Once you choose the required RF diode category, you can narrow down the required semiconductor by various attributes: series resistance, packaging type, diode capacitance and frequency band to name a few. Using our filters you can find the right RF diode semiconductor for your switching diode, microwave diode, PIN diode switch, Schottky barrier diode, RF detector diode as well as other types of diode switches.

RF Diodes in Production Ready Packaging or R&D Quantities

If the quantity of RF diodes that you or your company require is less than a full reel, we offer customers several of our RF diode devices in tube, tray or individual quantities that will help you avoid unneeded surplus.

Future Electronics also offers its clients a unique bonded inventory program designed to eliminate potential problems that may arise from an unpredictable supply of products that could contain raw metals and products with long or erratic lead times. Talk with your nearest Future Electronics branch and find out more on how you and your company can avoid possible shortages.

Featured Receiver ICs Products

Manufacturer Part Number Description
Avago Techonologies HSCH-5332 Beam Lead Silicon Schottky Diodes
Avago Techonologies HSMS-2802-TR1G HSMS-2802 Series 2 pF 3.5 Ohm Series RF Schottky Barrier Diodes - SOT-23
Avago Techonologies 5082-0012 5082-0012 Series 0.12 pF 1 Ohm Hybrid MIC Switch/Attenuator Pin Diode Chip
Avago Techonologies 5082-2800 Schottky Barrier Diodes for General Purpose Applications
Avago Techonologies 5082-3081 5082-3081 Series 0.4 pF 3.5 Ohm Axial Switching / Attenuation Pin Diode
Avago Techonologies HBAT-5402-TR1G HBAT-5402 Series 220 mA 250 mW 0.6 Vf 3pF 2.4 Ohm Schottky Diode - SOT-23
Avago Techonologies HBAT-5402-TR1G HBAT-5402 Series 220 mA 250 mW 0.6 Vf 3pF 2.4 Ohm Schottky Diode - SOT-23
Avago Techonologies HMPS-2820-BLK HMPS Series 10 ma 0.5 V 1 pf 12 Ohm RF Schottky Barrier Diode - Minipak SMT
Avago Techonologies HPND-0002 HPND-0002 Series 0.2 pF 3.5 Ohm Hybrid Small Signal RF Pin Diode Chip
Avago Techonologies HPND-4005 HPND-4005 Series 0.02 pF 4.7 pF Beam Lead Pin Diode
Avago Techonologies HPND-4028 Diode PIN Switch 60V 2-Pin Case 83
Avago Techonologies HPND-4038 HPND-4038 Series 0.065 pF 1.5 Ohm Phased Array / Switch Beam Lead Pin Diode
NXP BB201,215 BB201 Series 29.7 pF Low-Voltage Variable Capacitance Double Diode - SOT-23-3
NXP BB135,115 BB135 Series UHF Variable Capacitance Diode - SOD-323
NXP BB202,115 BB202 Series 33.5 pF 0.6 Ohm Variable Capacitance Double Diode - SOD-523
NXP BA591,115 BA591 Series 0.7 Ohm 1.05 pF Band-Switching Diode Surface Mount - SOD-323
NXP BB131,115 BB131 Series SOD323 VHF Variable Capacitance Diode
NXP BB179LX,315 BB179LX Series 21.3 pF 0.65 Ohm UHF Variable Capacitance Diode - SOD882T
NXP BAL74,215 50 V 500 mA 2 pF High-Speed Switching Diode Planar technology TO-236AB
NXP BAP50-03,115 BAP50-03 Series 50 V 50 mA 500 mW General Purpose PIN Diode - SOD323
NXP BAP64-03,115 BAP64 Series 200 V 175 mA Silicon Pin Diode - SOD323
NXP BAP64-05W,115 BAP64 Series 100 V 100 mA Silicon common cathode PIN Diode SOT323 Package
NXP BAP70-02,115 BAP70 Series 50 V 100 mA Planar PIN diode - SOD523

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