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What is a Wireless & RF chip?

RF, or radio frequency, is an oscillation rate in a range of between 3 kHz to 300 GHz, corresponding to the frequency of the radio waves and the alternating currents carrying radio signals. RF usually refers to electrical oscillations. Electric currents which oscillate at radio frequencies have special properties that are not shared by alternating current or direct current of lower frequencies. The energy in an RF current can radiate off a conductor as electromagnetic waves. Although radio frequency (or RF) is a rate of oscillation, the term itself is also used as a synonym for wireless radio communication. RF current flows along the surfaces of electrical conductors. RF also has the ability to appear to flow through paths containing insulating material such as the dielectric insulator of a capacitor.

Types of Wireless & RF chips

There are several different kinds of Wireless & RF chips at Future Electronics. We stock many of the most common types categorized by several parameters including input power, operating frequency, operating temperature range, supply voltage, supply current, frequency range and packaging type, among other categories. Our parametric filters will allow you to refine your search results according to the required specifications.

Wireless & RF chips from Future Electronics

Future Electronics has a wide range of Wireless & RF chips from several manufacturers. Once you decide if you need chips for an Antenna, Attenuator, Detector, Divider, Frequency Multiplier, Mixer, Modulator / Demodulator, PLL, Receiver IC, RF Amplifier, RF Diode, RF Filter, RF Module & Solution, RF Passive, RF Transistor, T/R RF Switch, Transceiver IC, Transmitter IC or Tuner device, you will be able to choose from their technical attributes and your search results will be narrowed to match your specific Wireless & RF chip application needs.

We deal with several manufacturers such as Avago Technologies, AVX, California Eastern Lab, Freescale Semiconductor, Hittite Microwave and Johanson Manufacturing Corp, among others. You can easily refine your Wireless & RF chip product search results by clicking your preferred Wireless & RF chip brand from the list of manufacturers below.

Applications for Wireless & RF chips:

Several items use Wireless & RF chips. These include radio & television broadcasting devices, radar, two-way radio, communications receivers, garage door openers, wireless microphones, cell phones, satellite communications, wireless computer networks, RFID tags, Bluetooth enabled devices, laboratory instruments, microwave systems, frequency synthesizers, aerospace and defense applications.

Choosing the Right Signal Interface:

With the parametric search, when looking for the right Wireless & RF chip, you can filter the results by the required category. We carry the following categories of Wireless & RF chips:

  • Antenna
  • Attenuator
  • Detector
  • Divider
  • Frequency Multiplier
  • Mixer
  • Modulator / Demodulator
  • PLL
  • Receiver IC
  • RF Amplifier
  • RF Diode
  • RF Filter
  • RF Module & Solution
  • RF Passive
  • RF Transistor
  • T/R RF Switch
  • Transceiver IC
  • Transmitter IC
  • Tuner

Once you choose the Wireless & RF chip category, you can narrow them down by various attributes: by operating temperature range, supply voltage, supply current, input power, operating frequency, packaging type and frequency range to name a few. You will be able to find the right Mixer, Modulator / Demodulator, Antenna, Attenuator, Detector, Divider, Frequency Multiplier, PLL, Receiver IC, RF Amplifier, RF Diode, RF Filter, Transceiver IC, Transmitter IC, Tuner RF Module & Solution, RF Passive, RF Transistor or T/R RF Switch Wireless & RF chip using these filters.

Wireless & RF Chips in Production Ready Packaging or R&D Quantities

If the quantity of Wireless & RF chips you require is less than a full reel, we offer customers several of our Wireless & RF chip devices in tray, tube or individual quantities that will help you avoid unneeded surplus.

Future Electronics also offers clients a unique bonded inventory program designed in order to eliminate potential problems that can arise from an unpredictable supply of products that could contain raw metals and products with erratic or long lead times. Talk with your nearest Future Electronics branch and find out more on how you and your company can avoid possible shortages.

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