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PIC32MM Family Low-Power, Low-Cost 32-bit Microcontrollers

- Low-power: optimize power consumption in battery applications
- Low-voltage sleep mode with RAM retention < 500 nA
- Low-cost
- Small packages: 4 × 4 mm, 5 × 5 mm and 6 × 6 mm


Explorer 16 Development Board (DM240001)

- Includes processor PIMs for both PIC24 and dsPIC families
- Alpha-numeric 16 x 2 LCD display
- Interfaces to MPLAB ICD 3, MPLAB REAL ICE and RS-232
- Includes Microchip's TC1047A high accuracy, analog output temperature sensor
- Expansion connector to access full device's pin-out and bread board prototyping area


PIC32MM0064GPL036 Plug-In Module (MA320020)

- The PIM includes the 64K flash PIC32MM0064GPL036, 40-pin UQFN device
- PIM is supported by Microchip’s development ecosystem including the MPLAB X IDE and the MPLAB XC32 Compilers
- Due to the flexibility allowed by the PPS feature, the 40-pin device is capable of performing all of the base functions on the 100-pin Explorer 16 board


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