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SocketModem® Cell - Embedded Cellular Modems
The SocketModem® Cell cellular modem is a complete, ready-to-integrate communications device that offers 2G or 3G, GSM or CDMA performance. These quick-to-market communications devices allow developers to add wireless communication to products with a minimum of development time and expense. The SocketModem Cell cellular modems are based on industry-standard open interfaces and use MultiTech's Universal Socket design

MultiConnect® Cell 100 Series - Cellular Modems
The MultiConnect® Cell 100 Series cellular modems are fully certified and carrier approved, so you can deploy faster and get your devices communicating. The Cell 100 Series deliver fast, secure data for remote operations, and integrate easily to extend the life of legacy equipment. Several chassis options are available to meet a variety of application needs and environmental demands.

MultiConnect® rCell 100 Series - Cellular Routers
The MultiConnect® rCell 100 Series of cellular routers area part of MultiTech's comprehensive portfolio of cellular connectivity products optimized for M2M (machine-to-machine) communications. With the Industry's most cost effective approach to remote device management and shared design approach across multiple cellular technologies, it provides the lowest total cost of ownership to our customers. The MultiConnect rCell 100 Series of cellular routers also offers a long, stable lifecycle, an important consideration for M2M solutions.

QuickCarrier™ USB-D - USB Cellular Modems
The QuickCarrier™ USB-D is a cellular dongle designed and built for M2M (machine-to- machine) applications. That means it is built for long life while delivering reliable data connectivity. The QuickCarrier USB-D is designed for quick implementation of cellular technology – allowing customers to easily connect their devices to the internet

90 day/10MB Pre-Activated SIM Card Applicable Only to MultiTech GSM Cell Product.

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