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Make vs Buy

The Low Power Wireless arena offers design engineers many options and flexibility in their approach. Depending on an organization’s resources, expertise and budget, Future RF & Wireless Solutions can provide many different “make vs. buy” alternatives.

Future Electronics’ Low Power line card equips the design engineer with many IC technologies for a “make” approach or many module and finished products for a “buy” approach. This wide range of design solutions gives the customer full scalability in the future should they wish to cost down their designs with new revisions or next generation products.

Future Electronics’ wireless engineering knowledge and expertise can help any junior or senior design engineer throughout their entire design cycle whether it’s hardware or software support.

Make vs Buy

   • High Volume
   • Low - Medium Volume

   • Customer must process
   and pay for certification of
   unlicensed radios, antennas
   and bands.

   • Customer must have deep
   RF Engineering capabilities
   and / or Wireless Networking
   Expertise on staff.

   • Customer must have RF or
   Wireless facilities / equipment
   for RF Design, Engineering

Design Test
   • Certification is already complete

   • Minimal to no RF or Wireless
   expertise required.

   • Minimal to no RF or Wireless
   facilities / equipment for RF
   Design, Engineering & Testing.

   • Low cost product

   • More flexibility with design
   • Fast time-to-market

   • No certification costs

   • Low overhead costs

   • More products to market

   • Slow time-to-market

   • High certification costs

   • High overhead costs

   • Medium - high cost product

   • Less flexibility with design


   • Components, Radios and
   Subsystem RF Products
   • Modules, SIPs, Boxed
   Products or Custom Turnkey
   Boards / Designs
Parts   Parts

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