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Supply Chain

Our goal is to apply our knowledge and Future’s tool set to help you drive down costs and eliminate waste, while improving efficiencies in your operations through the use of “LEAN Practices.” FIRST is the world’s most versatile material management program, with the most recognized e-commerce replenishment software in the industry.

Our electronic commerce solutions increase the speed of execution, reducing cycle time and automating your procurement activity.

FIRST® (Future’s Inventory Replenishment Systems Technology)

Whether you use EDI-x12, EDIFACT , RosettaNet or a proprietary process, Future’s FIRST Team can work with you to establish a reliable, high performance program developed specifically for your needs.

FIRST Cloud-based Solution Portal is designed for next generation Supply Chain Solutions. FIRST provides the latest capabilities in supporting global requirements for customers who manufacture around the world, enabling an immediately accessible visibility of dynamic data, bonded inventory, available-to-sell inventory, MRP Gap analysis, order tracking, invoice imaging, and more. The program’s open supplier architecture allows you to create a single process for all suppliers, all commodities.

FIRST Cloud-based solutions can be set up using a variety of LEAN manufacturing replenishment models: Kanban-pull systems, consignment-on-site inventory, supplier managed inventory, Min/Max reorder for your entire supplier base.

FIRST also offers bar code capabilities using a variety of off-the-shelf solutions, portable scanner interfaces, Bluetooth and tethered scanners, and iPad/iPhone bar code readers.

Future Electronics’ Collaborative Planning and Execution Solutions

Optimizing the supply chain today requires a seamless integration of data between customers’ and suppliers’ demand planning systems. MRP Forecast sharing is a key element to ensuring the supply chain is performing at its highest level.

Future Electronics’ Cloud-based supply chain planning and execution solutions support manufacturing replenishment from Kanban, MRP Forecast Sharing/auto release, PO release and consignment – in plant stores.

Integrated MRP Forecasts Sharing

Net or gross requirements generated by MRP or a demand planning system can be sent via EDI, AS2 or a proprietary format using standard mail protocols or FTP sites. Forecasts represent components and purchased parts required out through the planning horizon.

Integrated MRP Schedule Sharing with Auto Release is the optimal tool to driving demand signals and replenishment through the entire supply chain.

- Developing a custom release criteria (rules), 1st bucket, 2nd bucket or min/max to maximize inventory turns and reducing Replenishment lead times
- PO Release file –electronic exchange purchase orders/replenishment orders


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