Application Tips 

Put Your Best Foot Forward 


Your Resume:

A resume is the first impression we have of you; therefore ensure to allocate an appropriate amount of time when creating it.

  • Choose a format and style that is professional.
  • Use a simple typeface and avoid excessive use of unusual fonts, italics etc.
  • Should be well organized and easy to read.
  • Should be geared to the position of interest.
  • Should be clear and concise. Use point form and action verbs as descriptors.
  • Give a quick summary of your education and work experience in reverse chronological order (in order of the most recent)
  • Emphasize awards and achievements.
  • Double check for spelling and grammatical errors


Preparing for your interview:

Interviews are an opportunity to show us why you would be the ideal candidate for the job.

  • Review your resume to ensure that the information is accurate.
  • Prepare in advance for typical interview questions related to your strengths, experience, achievements and career expectations.
  • Ensure to familiarize yourself with the job posting as well as research the company.
  • Dress appropriately and professionally.
  • Be punctual. Know ahead of time where you are going, and allow yourself enough time to arrive in advance.
  • Show interest and enthusiasm during the interview. Pay attention to your body language.
  • Ask well thought out questions that are relevant to the position/Company.
  • Inquire about the next step of the interview process.
  • Be polite and courteous. Give a firm handshake and thank the interviewers you have met.

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