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As the world’s leader in Lighting, Philips is driving the switch to energy-efficient solutions. With worldwide electrical lighting accounting for an estimated 19 per cent of all electricity consumed, the use of energy-efficient lighting will significantly reduce energy consumption around the world and thereby cut harmful CO2 emissions. Philips provides advanced energy-efficient solutions for all segments -- road lighting, office & industrial, hospitality, and home -- and has been instrumental in delivering sustainable and environmentally-friendly lighting technologies and initiatives to the marketplace.


Philips is also a leader in shaping the future with exciting new lighting applications and platforms such as LED technology, which, besides energy efficiency, provides attractive benefits and endless new ‘never-before-possible’ lighting solutions.



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Xitanium 150 W 700 mA 210 V Output Max UL Class I Dimmable Outdoor LED Driver

Mfr Part#:LEDINTA070...

RoHS compliant

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Xitanium 54 W 1.5 A 54 V Output Max Dimmable LED Driver Module

Mfr Part#:XV054C150V054RNT1

RoHS compliant

From as low as   $25.91 USD

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