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SAMWHA USA. is a Korea-based manufacturer engaged in the production of capacitors.


The Company's product portfolio consists of green-cap electric double layer capacitors, conducting polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitors, surface mount aluminum electrolytic capacitors, miniature aluminum electrolytic capacitors and large aluminum electrolytic capacitors, which are used in household, industrial and measurement equipment.


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CK Series SMT 35 V 47 uF Ø 6.3 x 5.8 mm 105 °C Electrolytic Capacitor

Mfr Part#:CK1V476M6L...

RoHS compliant

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DS Series Radial 2.7 V 3 F Ø 8 x 20 mm 60 °C Electric Double Layer Supercap

Mfr Part#:DS5U305M08020BB

RoHS compliant

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