Established in 1998, WIZnet’s core technology ‘TCP/IP Offload Platform’ is an ASSP and silicon-proven IP for custom ASIC, which best fits OS-less devices and is compatible with any Embedded OS. Their fully hardwired TCP/IP algorithm guarantees line speed by on-the-fly processing architecture that is independent of any main processor. This technology has eliminated the need for a main processor by offloading TCP/IP processing, enhancing the overall system performance, particularly in multimedia streaming applications.


WIZnet’s hardwired TCP/IP chip has been adopted worldwide both in OS-less devices (esp. DVR, Remote Control) and OS-based applications (esp. STB, DTV). It provides higher performance and stability than any software internet connectivity solution.

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W5100 Series 3.6 V Hardwired TCP/IP Embedded Ethernet Controller

Mfr Part#:W5100

RoHS compliant

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WIZ105SR Series 3.3 V Serial-to-Ethernet Gateway (Midas 3.0 + W5100+MAG JACK)

Mfr Part#:WIZ105SR

RoHS compliant

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