Analog Power Supply Design Workshop 



June 6th - 8th / 9th 2017 - Toronto, Canada

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Join the Analog Power Supply Design Workshop from Biricha Digital

This excellent, hands-on, laboratory based analog power supply design workshop provides an in-depth look at the design of modern, stable and robust switch mode power supplies. The workshop is aimed at design engineers who need to design and/or troubleshoot modern high performance power supplies.

The workshop begins from first principles and looks at the fundamentals of switching power supply design covering Bode plots and control theory. All theory is supported with numerous hands-on labs and all attendees should leave the workshop feeling conformable with stable compensator design for both voltage mode control and current mode control. There is also detailed study of robust "isolated" power supply design using industry standard optocouplers and programmable references such as TL-431.

Course Details
The class runs from 9:00am - 5:00pm on Days 1 and 2.
The class runs from 9:00am - 4:00pm on Day 3 to allow for easy travel.
Optional extra day on Day 4 runs 9:00am - 4:00pm to allow for easy travel.

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Day 1: Introduction PSU Design, Control Theory, Test and Measurement
• Fundamentals of power supply design
• Frequency response analysis, understanding Bode plots and stability
• Voltage mode control and step-by-step design
• Hands-on labs including:
    - Stable and robust voltage mode PSU design
    - Measuring plant, compensator and control loop using a Bode 100 network analyzer
    - Assessing stability from the measured Bode plot
    - Capacitor ESR measurement
Day 2: Peak Current Mode Control
• Peak current design step-by-step, including slope compensation
• Dealing with sub-harmonic oscillations and right hand plane zeros
• Specifying power transformers for optimum performance
• Primary and secondary snubber design and component selection
• Hands-on labs including:
    - Stable current mode PSU design on Forward/Flyback topologies
    - Current mode loop measurement and transient response tests
    - Measurement of Flyback transformer pasrastics and impedance
    - Output filter design and dealing with DC bias loss
Day 3: Isolated Power Supply Design
• Stable isolated PSU design and analysis
• Designing with optocouplers and programmable references (e.g. TL431)
• Closed loop optoisolated compensator design for Type II and Type III
• Hands-on labs including:
    - Designing a stable opto-isolated PSUs on Forward/Flyback topologies
    - Designing and testing of real life optoisolated compensators
    - Isolated PSU frequency response measurements
    - Isolated PSU stability analysis and transient response tests
Day 4: Analog PFC Design Step-by-Step
• Fundamentals of power delivery, power quality & PFC and EN-61000-3-2
• Single Phase CCM Boost PFC topology operation & design
• Step-by-step analog PFC control loop design (voltage loop and current loop and voltage feedforward filter)
• Hands-on labs including:
    - Step-by-step Analog PFC design and testing
    - Stable votlage feed foward and voltage loop design and testing
    - Stable current loop design and testing

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