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PIC32MM Family:
Low-Power, Low-Cost, Small Packages

MPLAB Xpress: A perfect starting point for new users of PIC Microcontrollers!
MPLAB® Harmony Software: Embedded Connectivity is now a matter of plug & play with the MPLAB® Harmony Software Building Blocks!
Motion Monitoring Made Easy: MM7150 Motion Module Speeds Design Cycles for Embedded Applications
Microchip MCP9600 Series: Thermocouple EMF to Temperature Converter, ±1.5 °C Maximum Accuracy
Microchip 5V dsPIC33 "EV" Family: for Enhanced Noise Immunity and Robustness
Micrel's MIC28304 Series: High Density Power Module Offering High Efficiency, Fast Transient Response and Low EMI
Micrel's Automotive Portfolio: Micrel's Networking and Power Management Technology Drive the Future of Automotive Applications Today.
Intelligent Analog PIC® Microcontrollers
Lower BOM Cost, Reduce Noise, Increase Throughput
The World's Lowest Sleep Current Microcontrollers

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