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Design Your Next Wearable Device with Panasonic
Wearable technology has changed the way consumers
receive and send data across the world

Panasonic Solutions for Lighting Controls
Lighting controls for any application

Panasonic’s Sensors:
Wide Range of Sensors for Automotive & Industrial Applications

Panasonic’s Light Touch Switches: :
Versatile and High Quality

Panasonic Embedded Wi-Fi, Place-and-Play Modules:
Wi-Fi Made Easy! Quickly add Wi-Fi to your application with Panasonic's PAN9320 Series

SD Flash Memory Cards for Consumer, ConsumerPlus and Industrial Applications:
Designed to exceed the needs of industrial and commercial applications, Panasonic SD card solutions deliver true reliability.

Panasonic Offers Energy Solutions with Solid State Relays:
Panasonic offers a wide variety of Solid State Relays.

Panasonic Near Field Communication Tags:
A Secure, High-Speed, Battery-Free RF Communication Medium.

Advanced Polymer Capacitors from Panasonic:
Provide Higher Performance in a Reduced Footprint.

New Intelligent ICs Solve Design Challenges.

Bluetooth - Low Energy:
Modules That Exceed Expectations!
Highly flexible, cost effective RF Modules

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