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Connecting the Internet of Things with TE Connectivity
Every day, the world is becoming more connected.

TE Connectivity
TE Connectivity's Modular Releasable
Poke-In Wire Connectors

A 4.0mm pitch modular connector for wire to board connectivity.

TE Connectivity Lighting Connectors:
Offering Brilliant Solutions

Solutions for all Your Wearables Design Needs

LUMAWISE LED Holders Create a Fast
Solderless Connection Promoting Efficiency
and Design Versatility.

ANSI C136.41:
Introducing Multi-Channel Photocontrol Receptacle.

Lock It, Power On, Every Time:
Get 3 in 1 Reliability with TE Connectivity
Power Triple Lock Connectors.

Inverted Thru Board Connectors:
That Can Turn Your Power
Delivery Upside Down

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