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RL78/F Series Automotive 16-bit MCU Features:

Easy-to-scale up and down

  • 20-pin to 144-pin package
  • 8KB to 512KB flash

Easy-to-design for super low power applications

  • <200μA/MHz full speed operation
  • 0.5μA at STOP mode with LVD and WDT
  • 0.7μA at HALT mode with 32kHz clock
  • SNOOZE mode – A/D sampling or UART communication without waking up CPU

Easy-to-meet temperature and safety requirements

  • 150ºC ambient temperature operation
  • Extensive hardware functional safety features
        - RAM/ROM ECC
        - Memory guard function
        - Flash memory CRC operation function
        - PLL lock detection function
        - Windowed watchdog
        - A/D test function

Easy-to-use ecosystem for fast development

  • QuantiPhi – Powerful new configuration and driver generation tool by SimuQuest with model-based design support
  • Renesas Development Kit for RL78/F14
        - Full-featured and affordable with on-board debugger
        - Full I/O and extensive software support
        - Supports a motor control extension board
  • In-house and third-party IDE/compiler with Eclipse support


Get the 50% off code for the RL78/F14 Development Kit!

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