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Fairchild’s Dual CoolTM MOSFET packaging technology provides both bottom- and top-side cooling in the industry standard PQFN package which also provides performance flexibility for designers. With enhanced dual-path thermal performance and improved parasitics over its wire-bonded predecessors, the use of a heat sink provides even more impressive results. Lab testing proves that when a heat sink is used with Dual Cool package technology, synchronous buck converters deliver higher output current and increased power density. With Fairchild’s trench silicon technology, Dual Cool packaging proves to be a clear leader in both power density and thermal performance. Dual Cool solutions are lead-free, RoHS-compliant, and available in 3.3 x 3.3, 5 x 6, and 8 x 8 PQFN packages.

• Top-side cooling, lower thermal resistance from junction to top
• Allows higher current and power dissipation
• Highest power density for DC-DC applications
• Use with or without a heat sink, reduces the number of qualified components in the BOM
• High degree of production commonality with standard PQFN packaging
• 25V to 150V portfolio

• Point of Load (POL) synchronous-buck conversion
• Servers
• Telecommunications, routing, and switching
• Heat path from top only

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