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Sustainability principles have been integrated into our core business practices and products for more than 15 years. At ST our company ethos is not only about placing our people and the environment at the heart of the way we operate, but is also about constantly finding ways to innovate and create products that improve the quality of life of the people who use them and that help address major societal challenges in energy saving, healthcare and security. In other words, this is the pursuit of what we at ST call “life.augmented”.

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STRVSThe STRVS series is the first transient
voltage suppressor series specified to
protect against repetitive over voltages
in high temperature conditions.

STripFET V11 DeepGate™ Low Voltage MOSFETsSTMicroelectronics’s 80V and 100V
combine best-in-class on-state resistance
with low internal capacitances and gate
charge, enhancing both conduction and
switching efficiency.

STripFET V11 DeepGATE™
Low Voltage MOSFETs
MOSFETsST’s low dropout (LDO) regulators
offer an optimal combination of low
dropout voltage,low quiescent current,
fast transient response, low noise
and good ripple rejection.

Low Dropout
Linear Regulators
Smart GridThe LBP01 series bypass switches
are connected in parallel with 1 or 2
LEDs in the string. If one of the LEDs
fails, the LBP01 provides a current
path so that the remaining LEDs in
the string stay on.

Discretes for
LED Lighting
MOSFETsST has reached a new “low” in high
voltage MOSFETs and has beaten
its previous record for lowest RDS(on)
in several high power packages. ST’s
line-up of high power MOSFETs
has the lowest figure of merit and
lowest RDS(on) in the industry!

Smart GridSmart grids optimize power delivery
and facilitate two-way communication
across the grid, enabling end-user
energy management, minimizing
power disruptions and transporting
only the required amount of power.

Smart Grid
Environmental SensingTemperature and Pressure
Sensors, Analog Sensor Signal
Conditioning, and MEMs

VIPowerA wide array of innovative smart
power products designed in ST’s
VIPower™ M0-5 technology are
available to support the most
demanding DC power switching

Motor ControlThe high level of integration and
simple configuration of the dSPIN
digital control core allow autonomous
motion management through
advanced positioning and speed
commands, reducing required MCU
system resources.

Motor Control
Motion SensingST’s state-of-the-art analog and digital
accelerometers feature up to ±24g full
scale, high resolution, smart embedded
functionalities and advanced power-
saving features.

Motion Sensing
Motor ControlHigh-voltage primary switcher designed
to operate directly from the rectified mains
with minimum external parts and with a
high power factor to provide an efficient,
compact and costeffective solution
to drive LEDs.

Off-Line LED
Motion SensingST’s new 600V IGBTs - “V series”
(very high speed), based on an
advanced proprietary trench gate
field-stop structure, has the world’s
lowest turn off energy.

600V "V Series"
Motor ControlOne million units delivered worldwide
every day! We plan for longevity with
sustainable growth.

STM8 8-bit
MCU Family
Motion SensingST’s Addressing the three dimensions
of microcontrollerr effectiveness:
High-Performance MCUs with DSP and
FPU, Mixed-Signal MCUs with DSP and
FPU, High-Performance MCUs

STM32 32-Bit
MCU Family

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