MCP6SX2 PGA Thermistor PICtail™ Demonstraton Board

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Product Highlight

  • Type: Temperature Sensing
  • Core Supported: MCP6S22

The MCP6SX2 PGA Thermistor PICtail Demo Board features the MCP6S22 and MCP6S92 Programmable Gain Amplifiers (PGA).

These devices help to Overcome the non-linear response of the on-board NTC thermistor Provide multiplexing between two inputs; the other input can be any desired source. This opens the possibilities of temperature. correcting another sensor, and of increasing the number of PIC® microcontroller I/O pins available for other purposes.

Two on-board variable resistors allow users to experiment with different designs on the bench. DIP switches on the board select certain resistors (in a binary weighted sequence) to add together, thereby emulating the series resistor in the voltage divider and the thermistor’s change in resistance over temperature.

A complete solution is achieved by interfacing this board to the PICkit™ 1 Flash Starter Kit (see DS40051) and the Signal Analysis PICtail™ Daughter Board (see DS51476).The solution provides PC software interface,
PICmicro microcontroller, Firmware programmability, 10-bit ADC (on the microcontroller), Firmware (with re-locatable assembler code) for the microcontroller.


On-Board Thermistor:

  • Can select a high accuracy NTC thermistor
  • Can select an emulator for quick bench work

Voltage Divider:

  • Linearizes thermistor’s response
  • Series resistor has an emulator for quick prototyping of different designs


  • Buffers the NTC Thermistor
  • Increases linearity and temperature resolution
  • Provides an additional input

SMD Test Points

Companion Tools:

  • PICkit™1 Flash Starter Kit
  • Signal Analysis PICtail Daughter Board

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