Design Kit for IRDC3897 Series Point of Load (PoL) DC-DC Voltage Regulator

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  • Type: DC/DC Converters
  • Core Supported: IR3897

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The IRDC3897 is a Part of IRDC389 Series Design kit for the IR3897M a 600 kHz, 4 A SupIRBuck Synchronous Buck Converter. It is a Advanced Integrated Point of Load DC-DC Voltage Regulator.

The IR3897 is a synchronous buck converter, providing a compact, high performance and flexible solution in a small 4 mm X 5 mm Power QFN package.


  • Enhanced Line/Load Regulation with Feed-Forward
  • Programmable Switching Frequency up to 1.5 MHz
  • Single Rail Operation, Tracking, Margining, OCP


  • Input Voltage (V): 12 V 
  • Output Voltage (V): 1.2 V 
  • Output Current (A): 4 A 
  • Switching Frequency (kHz): 600 kHz
  • Inductor (L): 1.5 uH
  • Capacitor Input Cin = 2x10 uF
  • Capacitor Output Cout = 4x22 uF

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