Demo Board to Evaluate Performance of ST7570 S-FSK Power Line Networking System

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  • Type: PowerLine (PLC)
  • Core Supported: ST7570

The EVALKITST7570-1 is an demonstration board to Evaluate Performance of ST7570 S-FSK Power Line Networking System. The demo board has been realized as a useful tool which exploits the performance capability of the ST7570 S-FSK power line networking system-on-chip.

With this demonstration board, it is possible to evaluate the ST7570 features and its transmitting and receiving performance directly on the power line.The coupling interface is designed to allow the ST7570 device to transmit and receive on the mains using a spread-spectrum FSK signal with 63.3 and 74 kHz tone frequencies, within the European CENELEC EN50065-1 standard A-band, specified for automatic meter reading.

Demonstration Board Contains:

  • ST7570 supply and digital connections
  • Line coupling section, including four subsections:
    • Transmission active filter
    • Reception passive filter
    • Power line coupling
    • Zero crossing coupling
  • The board has also four external connections:
    • AC mains (line and neutral) on CN1 connector
    • VCC (8 to 18 V) and VDDIO (3.3 or 5 V) supply voltages on CN2 connector
    • USB interface for PC connectivity on CN3 USB type B connector
    • Digital interface on J1 7x2 connector, collecting all the signals required to interface an external microcontroller board

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