Smartswitch Development Kit w/ Two OLED 52 x 36 Displays

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  • Type: LCD Solutions
  • Core Supported: ISC01P

Design flexibility has never been more simple. NKK's SmartSwitch™ product line allows you to design what you want, any way you want it. Our series of LCD programmable switches and displays are developed for use with a wide variety of applications. Using the Design Online Tools, engineers can easily program text, draw graphics and experiment with their design concepts. Once completed, these programs can be downloaded into the development kit, which enables engineers to easily test their programs on actual SmartSwitch™ pushbuttons and displays. Engineers can then present their concepts and product ideas to colleagues and with clients.

In addition, the development kits offer engineers a renewed flexibility, because the printed circuit board units have sockets for the LCD pushbuttons and displays that allow them to be interchanged for optimal design testing. Engineers can choose between a variety of LED backlighting color, RGB, intensity and LCD display combinations with the SmartSwitch™ series. NKK Switches' OLED SmartDisplay™ and SmartDisplay™ provides a brilliant, wide viewing angle with a high contrast resolution format that yields superior clarity and quality. OLED SmartSwitch, SmartDisplay, and Rocker are programmable modules that display graphics for alphanumeric characters, animated sequences, and video in 16 bit 65,536 colors. The OLED technology allows us to provide a 180 degree viewing angle with high contrast and clarity, with wide temperature ranges of -20 to +70 deg C. The modules are Epoxy Sealed with Straight PC Terminals to prevent entry of solder flux and other contaminants. Standoffs are utilized to allow for easy, secure mounting and alignment. The OLED SmartSwitch has a life of 1,000,000 actuations.

Key Features:

  • Full Colors Capability: 
    • 65,536 in 16 Bit mode, 256 in 8 Bit mode.
  • 180° Viewing Angle.
  • Operated by commands and data supplied via SPI communications protocol.
  • Data Transfer Rate = 3 times Video Capabilities.
  • Viewing Area:
    • OLED SmartSwitch:
              15.5 x 11.6 mm (Horizontal x Vertical).
    • OLED SmartDisplay:
              12.9 x 9.9 mm (Horizontal x Vertical).
  • Resolution:
    • OLED SmartSwitch:
              64RGB x 48
    • OLED SmartDisplay:
              52RGB x 36 
    • OLED Rocker:
              96 x 64 Monochrome OLED.

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