Keil MCB1300 NXP LPC1300 Series Evaluation Board

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  • Type: Embedded Control
  • Core Supported: LPC1300

The LPC1300 microcontroller family is based on the ARM Cortex-M3 CPU architecture for embedded applications featuring a high level of support block integration and low power consumption. The peripheral complement of the LPC1300 series includes up to 32 kB of flash memory, up to 8 kB of data memory, USB Device interface, 1 UART, 1 SSP controller, SPI interface, 1 I2C interface, 8 channel 10-bit ADC, 4 general purpose timer/PWMs, and up to 40 general purpose I/O pins.

Also present is 16 kB of ROM. The on-chip ROM contains a bootloader supporting UART and USB flash programming, as APIs for user firmware in flash. The flash API implements a simple interface to the on-board flash programming functionality. The USB API supports development of Human Interface Devices (HID) and Mass Storage Class (MSC) devices.

The various topics covered in this application note are as follows:

  • USB overview
  • On-chip USB driver features
  • On-chip USB driver setup
  • Using the usdhidrom example

On-chip USB driver features:

The on-chip USB driver is incorporated in the LPC1300 family’s on-chip ROM. It facilitates building simple USB devices while saving flash memory. The LPC1300 family on-chip USB driver implements both HID and MSC devices. The ROM driver functionality is simplified and easy to use.

The HID class driver is useful for communicating a moderate amount of data (less than 64 kB per second) to a USB host. It supports interrupt transfers which allow the device to be polled by the PC host. The MSC class driver implements a disk drive which can accept file reads and writes from a host USB device.

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