Evaluation Kit for the LCD-DEMO-KIT for LPC93x Series Microcontroller

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  • Type: LCD Solutions
  • Core Supported: LPC93X

The LCD-DEMO-KIT is a low-cost hardware development tool which uses a two-chip solution to operate and control an LCD user interface.

Powered by a single 3V coin cell battery, the board is controlled by a two-button user interface allowing you to control 8-character alphanumeric LCD displays with the board's 128 segment-supporting PCF8562 I2C-based LCD driver.

The on-board 10-pin header allows you to use any external ICP style programmer to edit and download source code to the reprogrammable flash microcontroller. With the board's flexible layout, you can prototype new designs using any of the NXP LPC9103, LPC9107, and LPC93x microcontrollers.

The full kit includes the LCD demo board and a demo CD with source code, schematics, and ICP documentation.


NXP LPC9103 (8-bit, 2-clock, 80C51 MCU):

  • 1KB flash, 128 bytes RAM
  • 10-pin HVSON package (3mm2)
  • Internal RC Oscillator
  • Two 16-bit timers and RTC
  • Keypad interrupt
  • WDT with on-chip 400KHz oscillator

NXP PCF8562 (single-chip LCD controller/driver):

  • 48-Pin TSSOP package
  • 32x4-bit RAM for display data storage
  • 400KHz I2C-bus interface
  • No external components
  • Wide supply range




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