LUPA-300 CMOS Image Sensor LCC-48 Mono Demo Kit

Mfr Part#: CYIL1SM0300-EVAL
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  • Type: Image Processing and Cognition
  • Core Supported: LUPA-300
The CYIL1SM0300-EVAL is a Mono Demo Kit consist of interfacing and driving of the LUPA-300 image sensor. This VGA-resolution CMOS active pixel sensor features synchronous shutter and a maximal frame rate of 250 fps in full resolution.

The readout speed can be boosted by means of sub sampling and windowed Region Of Interest (ROI) readout. High dynamic range scenes can be captured using the double and multiple slope functionality.


  • 640 x 480 active pixels (VGA resolution)
  • 9.9 μm2 square pixels (based on the high-fill factor active pixel sensor technology of FillFactory (US patent No. 6,225,670 and others))
  • Optical format: ½ optical inch
  • Pixel rate of 80 MHz
  • On-chip 10 bit ADCs
  • Full snapshot shutter
  • Random programmable windowing
  • 48-pin LCC package
  • Sub sampling (Y direction)
  • Programmable read out direction (X and Y)


  • Machine Vision
  • Motion Tracking

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