PCF8566 Series 6 V 24 Segment I2C Surface Mount LCD Driver - VSO-40

Mfr Part#: PCF8566T/1,118
Mounting Method:  Surface Mount
Package Style:  VSO-40
Packaging:  REEL
Std Packaging Qty:  500




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Product Highlight

  • Display Mode: Segment
  • Segments Count: 24
  • No of Elements: 96
  • Supply Voltage: 2.5 to 6 V
  • Logic Input Voltage-Max: 6.5 V
  • Multiplexed Display Capability: Yes

The PCF8566T/1,118 is a peripheral device which interfaces to almost any Liquid Crystal Display LCD) with low multiplex rates. It generates the drive signals for any static or multiplexed LCD containing up to four backplanes and up to 24 segments and can easily be cascaded for larger LCD applications.

The device is compatible with most microprocessors or microcontrollers which communicates via two-line bidirectional I2C-bus. Communication overheads are minimized by a display RAM with auto-incremented addressing, by hardware subaddressing and by display memory switching (static and duplex drive modes).


  • Versatile blinking modes
  • No external components required (even in multiple device applications)
  • Selectable backplane drive configuration: static or 2, 3, 4 backplane multiplexing
  • Selectable display bias configuration: static, 1¤2 or 1¤3
  • Internal LCD bias generation with voltage-follower buffers
  • 24 ´ 4-bit RAM for display data storage
  • Auto-incremented display data loading across device subaddress boundaries
  • Display memory bank switching in static and duplex drive modes
  • LCD and logic supplies may be separated
  • 2.5 V to 6 V power supply range
  • Low power consumption

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