AMIS Series 29 V Surface Mount I2C Micro-Stepping Motor Driver - SOIC-20

Mfr Part#: AMIS30624C6244G
Mounting Method:  Surface Mount
Package Style:  SOIC-20
Packaging:  TUBE
Std Packaging Qty:  38




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Product Highlight

  • No of Outputs: Single
  • Supply Voltage-Max: 29 V

The AMIS−30624 is a Stepper Motor Driver and Controller with I2C Bus, Micro-stepping Features and Stall Detection.

The AMIS-30624 is a single-chip micro-stepping motor driver with a position controller and control/diagnostic interface. It is ready to build intelligent peripheral systems where up to 32 drivers can be connected to one I2C master. This significantly reduces system complexity. The chip receives positioning instructions through the bus and subsequently drives the stator coils so the two-phase stepper motor moves to the desired position. The on-chip position controller is configurable (OTP or RAM) for different motor types, positioning ranges and parameters for speed, acceleration and deceleration. Micro-stepping allows silent motor operation and increased positioning resolution. The advanced motion qualification mode enables verification of the complete mechanical system in function of the selected motion parameters. The AMIS-30624 can easily be connected to an I2C bus where the I2C master can fetch specific status information like actual position, error flags, etc. from each individual slave node. An integrated sensorless stall detection stops the motor when running into stall. This enables silent, yet accurate position calibrations during a referencing run and allows semi-closed loop operation when approaching the mechanical end-stops. The chip is implemented in I2T100 technology, enabling both high voltage analog circuitry and digital functionality on the same chip. The AMIS-30624 is fully compatible with the automotive voltage requirements.

Key Features:

  • Motor Driver
    • Micro-stepping technology
    • Sensorless stall detection
    • Peak current up to 800mA
    • Fixed frequency PWM current-control
    • Selectable PWM frequency
    • Automatic selection of fast and slow decay mode
    • No external fly-back diodes required
    • 14V/24V compliant
    • Motion qualification mode
  • Controller with RAM and OTP memory
    • Position controller
    • Configurable speeds and acceleration
    • Input to connect optional motion switch
  • I2C interface
    • Bi-directional 2-wire bus for Inter IC Control
    • Field programmable node addresses
    • Full diagnostics and status information
  • Protection
    • Over-current protection
    • Under-voltage management
    • Open circuit detection
    • High-temp warning and management
    • Low-temp flag
  • EMI compatibility
    • High voltage outputs with slope control
    • HV outputs with slope control


  • Automotive: HVAC and headlamp leveling and bending actuators
  • Surveillance: Camera positioning
  • Building automation: HVAC, air-duct valves, radiator water-flow valves, green-house thermal management, venetian blinds  
  • Processing: Robots, inspection tools, assembly, testing tools, dispensers, valves, pumps, feeders, printers
  • Distribution: Vending machines, sorting machines, warehouse automation
  • Medical - fluid control
  • Medical - laboratory
  • Entertainment: Slot machines, event lighting, television satellite dish, toys, android robot
  • Experiment automation, pipette control : Micro-dosing pumps

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