185 W 26 to 55 V Input 1.5 V Output 115 A Full V-I Chip VTM Transformer

Mfr Part#: VTM48EF015T115A00
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Product Highlight

  • Input Voltage: 26 to 55 V
  • Output Voltage: 1.5 V
  • Output Power: 185 W
  • Output Current: 115 A
  • Dimensions: Full-Chip (32.5 x 22.0 x 6.73 mm)

The VTM48EF015T115A00 is a V•I ChipTM transformer it has high efficiency (>94%) Sine Amplitude ConverterTM (SACTM) operating from a 26 to 55 Vdc primary bus to deliver an isolated output. The Sine Amplitude Converter offers a low AC impedance beyond the bandwidth of most downstream regulators; therefore capacitance normally at the load can be located at the input to the Sine AmplitudeConverter. Since the K factor of the VTM48EF015T115A00 is 1/32, the capacitance value can be reduced by a factor of 1024, resulting in savings of board area, materials and total system cost.

The VTM48EF015T115A00 is provided in a V•I Chip package compatible with standard pick-and-place and surface mount assembly processes. The co-molded V•I Chip package provides enhanced thermal management due to a large thermal interface area and superior thermal conductivity. The high conversion efficiency of the VTM48EF015T115A00 increases overall system efficiency and lowers operating costs compared to conventional approaches.


  • 48 Vdc to 1.5 Vdc 115 A transformer
    • Operating from standard 48 V or 24 V PRMTM regulators
  • High efficiency (>94%) reduces system power consumption
  • High density (392 A/A/in³)
  • “Full Chip” V•I Chip package enables surface mount, low impedance interconnect to system board
  • Contains built-in protection features:
    • Overvoltage Lockout
    • Overcurrent
    • Short Circuit
    • Overtemperature
  • Provides enable / disable control, internal temperature monitoring
  • ZVS / ZCS resonant Sine Amplitude Converter topology
  • Less than 50 ºC temperature rise at full load in typical applications


  • High End Computing Systems
  • Automated Test Equipment
  • High Density Power Supplies
  • Communications Systems

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