MLX90251 5 V 1.25 mA 10-35 mV/mT PCB Linear Hall Effect Sensor BULK - SIP-4

Mfr Part#: MLX90251EVA-FAA-100-BU
Mounting Method:  PCB Mount
Package Style:  SIP-4
Packaging:  BAG
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Product Highlight

  • Type: Linear Hall
  • Output Current: 1.25 mA
  • Supply Voltage: 4.5 to 5.5 V
  • Supply Current: 6 mA
  • Operating Temp Range: -40 to +85 °C

Melexis Microelectronic Integrated Systems designs, manufactures and markets advanced mixed-signal semiconductor devices with core expertise in automotive electronics. Melexis’ capabilities developed in serving automotive segment are sustaining the expansion into Application Specific Standard Products for industrial and consumer applications.

Melexis is an integrated circuits’ supplier that innovates in the area of sensors and programmable sensor systems. Utilizing diverse sets of technologies including Hall Effect,  infrared and MEMS, Melexis offers a variety of sensors including gyroscope, light sensors, Hall Effect sensors and infrared thermometer for contact-less position, speed, current and temperature sensing applications.

MLX90251 - Programmable Linear Hall Effect Sensor

The MLX90251 is a CMOS Programmable, Ratiometric Linear Hall Effect sensor IC. The linear output voltage is proportional to the magnetic flux density. The ratiometric output voltage is proportional to the supply voltage. The MLX90251 has active error correction circuitry, which virtually eliminates the offset errors normally associated with analog Hall Effect devices. All the parameters of the MLX90251 transfer characteristic are fully programmable.

The Voq (Vout @ B = 0 Gauss), the Sensitivity, the slope polarity, the Output Clamping levels, the thermal Sensitivity drift, the internal bias point and a low-pass filter are all programmable in end-user applications. The MLX90251 has a very stable thermal compensation for both the Sensitivity and the Voq over a broad temperature range.

Each unit of the MLX90251 is characterized over temperature during final test to optimize its performance and accuracy. To achieve the best possible Sensitivity Temperature Compensation each unit is optimized for use within a specific Sensitivity range. This is represented in the ordering information by the option code. There are four available ranges, option codes 0, 1, 2 and 3. For more details please, refer to section 10.4 of the product datasheet.

The MLX90251 is programmed through proprietary PTC-04 programmer and the dedicated software tools. To program the MLX90251 connection to VDD, GND, and Vout is required. The device is placed into program mode by increasing the supply voltage to the VDD program level. In program mode data is clocked into the device through the output pin. Further details can be found in the MLX90251 software documentation.

For traceability purpose the MLX90251 will carry a unique ID number programmed by Melexis and 24 bits of EEPROM memory are allocated for a user programmed serial number.

The MLX90251EVA-1 is a SIP-4 Programmable Linear Hall Effect Sensor rated for -40°C to 85°C operating temperature range.

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