KTY81 Series 10 mA 1010 Ohm Silicon Temperature Sensor Through Hole - SOD-70

Mfr Part#: KTY81/110,112
Mounting Method:  Through Hole
Package Style:  SOD-70
Packaging:  BULK
Std Packaging Qty:  500



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  • Output Type: Analog
  • Operating Temp Range: -55 to +150 °C

NXP is a leading semiconductor company founded by Philips. NXP designs, manufactures, and markets semiconductors, system solutions and software for mobile phones, personal media players, TVs, set-top boxes, identification applications, cars and a wide range of other electronic devices.

NXP Semiconductors’ offers wide range of temperature sensors for remote and local measurement including digital temperature sensors and watchdogs, monitors for microprocessor systems and memory modules, and thermistors.

KTY81 series – Silicon Temperature Sensors/Thermistors

The KTY family of silicon sensors in spreading resistor technology provide high accuracy and excellent long term stability and are therefore, an attractive alternative to the more conventional sensors based on NTC (negative temperature coefficient) or PTC (positive temperature coefficient) technology. The KTY series main advantages are long term stability and virtually linear characteristics.

KTY81 and KTY82 series use a twin-sensor technology for polarity-independent sensing. These sensors are offered in SOD70 (KTY81) and SOT23 (KTY82) packages.

The KTY83/84/85 series use the more basic single-sensor technology. The simplicity of this arrangement allows the sensors to be produced in the compact SOD68; DO-34 (KTY83/84) and SOD80 (KTY85) packages. Delivered in a hermetically sealed glass package, the KTY83 and KTY84 series are designed for use in fluids such as oil or water. Another important advantage of the single-sensor device is the potential for operation at temperatures up to 300 oC. The KTY84 makes use of this property and therefore, is ideal for use in exhaust and heating systems.

The temperature sensors in the KTY81 series have a Positive Temperature Coefficient of resistance and are suitable for use in measurement and control systems.

The KTY81/110 is a SOD70 Silicon Temperature Sensor/Thermistor with resinstance from 990 Ω (min) to 1010Ω (max) in accordance to manufacturer's test conditions.

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