MLX90620 Series Wide (60x15) 16 x 4 Array 3 V 9 mA Thermal Array Sensor - TO-39

Mfr Part#: MLX90620ESF-BAB-000-TU
Mounting Method:  Through Hole
Package Style:  TO-39
Packaging:  TUBE
Std Packaging Qty:  45



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Product Highlight

  • Operating Temp Range: -40 to +85 °C
  • Operating Temp Range (°F): -40 to +185 °F
  • Supply Voltage: 3 V
  • Output Current-Max: 9 mA

The MLX90620ESF-BAB-000-TU is a part of  MLX90620 series thermal array sensor. It has an operating temperature ranging from -40°C to +85°C and its available in T0-39 package.

The MLX90620 is a fully calibrated 16x4 pixels IR array in an industry standard 4-lead TO-39 package.
It contains 64 IR pixels with dedicated low noise chopper stabilized amplifier and fast, integrated ADC. A PTAT sensor is integrated to measure the ambient temperature of the chip. The outputs of both IR and PTAT sensors are stored in internal RAM and are accessible through I2C.


  • Small size, low cost 16x4 pixels IR array
  • Easy to integrate
  • Industry standard four lead TO-39 package
  • Factory calibrated infrared temperature measurement
  • Calibration parameters stored in EEPROM.
  • NETD (Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference) <0.25K RMS@4Hz refresh rate
  • I2C compatible digital interface
  • Programmable frame rate 0.5Hz…64Hz
  • 2.6 V supply voltage
  • Current consumption less than 9mA
  • Measurement start trigger for synchronization with external control unit
  • 2 FOV options
  • Ta -40 to 85ºC
  • To -50 to 300ºC
  • Complies with RoHS regulations


  • High precision non-contact temperature measurements
  • Temperature sensing element for residential, commercial and industrial building air conditioning
  • Microwave ovens
  • Home appliances with temperature control
  • Thermal Comfort sensor in automotive Air Conditioning control system
  • Passenger classification
  • Automotive blind spot detection
  • Industrial temperature control of moving parts
  • Identifying thermal leaks in homes
  • Thermal scanners
  • Security / safety gates
  • Intrusion / Movement detection and Imaging

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