IR5001 Series 9.6 V 3 A 130 ns Universal Active ORing Controller - SOIC-8

Mfr Part#: IR5001STRPBF
Mounting Method:  Surface Mount
Package Style:  SOIC-8
Packaging:  REEL
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Product Highlight

  • No of Outputs: Single
  • Threshold Voltage: 9.6 V
  • Supply Voltage: 36 to 75 V

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The IR5001STRPBF is a universal active ORing controller for reverse polarity protection application, available in surface mount SOIC-8 package.

This device is determined based on the polarity of the voltage difference on its input terminals. In particular, if the current flow through an N-channel ORing FET is from source to drain, the output of the IR5001S will be pulled high to Vcc, thus turning the Active ORing FET on.


  • Controller / driver IC in an SO-8 package for implementation of Active ORing / reverse polarity protection using N-channel Power MOSFETs
  • Suitable for both input ORing (for carrier class telecom equipment) as well as output ORing for redundant DC-DC and AC-DC power supplies
  • 130ns Typical Turn-Off delay time
  • 3 A Peak Turn-Off gate drive current
  • Asymmetrical offset voltage of the internal high-speed comparator prevents potential oscillations at light load
  • Ability to withstand continuous gate short conditions
  • Integrated voltage clamps on both comparator inputs allow continuous application of up to 100 V
  • Option to be powered either directly from 36-75 V universal telecom bus (100 V max), or from an external bias supply and bias resistor
  • Input/Output pins to determine the state of the Active ORing circuit and power system redundancy


  • -48V/-24V Input Active ORing for carrier class communication equipment
  • Reverse input polarity protection for DC-DC power supplies
  • 24V/48V output active ORing for redundant AC-DC rectifiers
  • Low output voltage (12V, 5V, 3.3V...) active ORing for redundant DC-DC and AC-DC power supplies
  • Active ORing of multiple voltage regulators for redundant processor power

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