Display Modules & Development Tools S1D13513 Evaluation Board

Mfr Part#: S5U13513P00C100
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  • Type: LCD Solutions
  • Core Supported: SID13513

The S5U13513P00C100 evaluation board can connect to the S5U13U00P00C100 USB Adapter board so that it can be used with a laptop or desktop computer, via USB 2.0. With some minor modifications, it is possible to connect the S5U13513P00C100 evaluation board to a Epson PC Card Extender board instead of a USB Adapter board. The S5U13513P00C100 evaluation board can also be used with many other native platforms via the host connectors which provide the appropriate signals to support a variety of CPUs.


The S5U13513P00C100 Evaluation Board includes the following features:

  • 256-pin PBGA S1D13513 Display Controller
  • On-board SDRAM, selectable as 8MB x 32-bit or 8MB x 16-bit
  • Headers for connection to the S5U13U00P00C100 USB Adapter board or to the PC
  • Card Extender board
  • Headers for connecting to various Host Bus Interfaces
  • Headers for connecting to LCD panels
  • Headers for connecting to cameras
  • On-board 10MHz crystal (used for OSC1 clock input)
  • On-board 27MHz crystal (used for OSC2 clock input)
  • 14-pin DIP socket (used to install an oscillator for CLKI3 clock input)
  • 3.3V input power
  • On-board voltage regulator with 1.8V output

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