GEMboard™ Display Controller Board for 5.7” to 10.4” 640 x 480 LCD Panels

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The CBC-2 is a Display Controller Board for popular LCD panels ranging from 5.7” to 10.4” with resolutions up 640 x 48 (VGA).GEMboard™ affords greater speed in prototyping, maximizes design flexibility while shortening the time to market.GUI integration has never been easier


  • Amulet AGB75LC04-QU-E 208 PQFP GEM Graphical OS Chip™
  • Storage Capacity – 32 megabit Serial Flash for storing GUI pages
  • 64 megabit SDRAM (frame buffer)
  • Integrated resistive 4 or 5 wire touch panel decoder, multiple
  • touch panel connections (auxiliary pads/headers) plus dedicated connectors
  • Multiple Serial Interfaces – 3.3v UART,TWI & USB
  • 33 pin FPC connector with auxiliary pad for 31 pin FPC
  • Backlight Support - LED backlight circuit with PWM, optional headers
  • Touch Panel calibration feature with dedicated switch and/or software
  • Two boards to choose from (-01 and -02) depending on backlight power Requirement

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