LCD Eval Kit Controller Board for Tianma Display TM047NBH01 w/ Touch Panel

Mfr Part#: EVK-TA-TM047NBH01
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The EVK-TA-TM047NBH01 GEMboard™ Tianma 4.7” is a plug-and-play production display controller board that includes everything for driving the 4.7” 480x272 Tianma display TM047NBH01, including support for backlight and touch panels.

The board integrates easily to the display via a Flat Panel Cable (FPC). It also includes an Amulet GEM Graphical OS Chip ™ (AGB75LC04-QU-E 208 PQFP), a 32-megabit serial flash for storing GUI pages, and a 64-megabit SDRAM. Serial Interfaces are 3.3v UARTs, USB, RS232


  • Amulet GEM Graphical OS Chip
  • 24-pin Interconnector
  • Royalty-Fre graphical operating system
  • On- Board memory-32-Megabit dataflash or storing GUIPages
  • Touch Panel Controller built into the GEM Graphical OS Chip
  • Backlight circuit with PWM, can be controlled Via touch panel or serial command
  • Color Supported - upto 24-bit + 8-bit Alpha
  • Graphics Supported - GIF,JPEG,PNG
  • Supports Unicode - Foreign language character sets
  • Font Converter - Built-in

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