LCD Eval Kit Controller Board for Tianma Display TM035KBH02 w/ Touch Panel

Mfr Part#: EVK-TA-TM035KBH02
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The EVK-TA-TM035KBH02 is a GEMboard™ Tianma 4.7” is a plug-and-play production display controller board that includes everything for driving the 4.7” 480x272 Tianma display TM035KBH02 , including support for backlight and touch panels.

The board integrates easily to the display via a Flat Panel Cable (FPC). It also includes an Amulet GEM Graphical OS Chip ™ (AGB75LC04-QU-E 208 PQFP), a 32-megabit serial flash for storing GUI pages, and a 64-megabit SDRAM. Serial Interfaces are 3.3 V UARTs, USB, RS232.


  • Amulet GEM Graphical OS Chip
  • 24-pin Interconnector
  • Royalty-Fre graphical operating system
  • On- Board memory-32-Megabit dataflash or storing GUIPages
  • Touch Panel Controller built into the GEM Graphical OS Chip
  • Backlight circuit with PWM, can be controlled Via touch panel or serial command
  • Color Supported - upto 24-bit + 8-bit Alpha
  • Graphics Supported - GIF,JPEG,PNG
  • Supports Unicode - Foreign language character sets
  • Font Converter - Built-in

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