LPC21xx Series 512 kB Flash 32 kB RAM 60 MHz 16/32-Bit Microcontroller - LQFP-64

Mfr Part#: LPC2138FBD64/01,15
Mounting Method:  Surface Mount
Package Style:  LQFP-64
Packaging:  TRAY
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Product Highlight

  • Family Name: LPC21xx
  • Core Processor: ARM7
  • Program Memory Type: Flash
  • Flash Size (Bytes): 512 kB
  • RAM Size: 32 kB
  • Speed: 60 MHz
  • No of I/O Lines: 47
  • InterfaceType / Connectivity: I2C / Microwire / SPI / SSI / SSP / UART / USART
  • Peripherals: Brown-out Detect / Reset / POR / PWM / Watchdog
  • Number Of Timers: 2
  • Supply Voltage: 3.6 V
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to +85 °C
  • On-Chip ADC: 8-chx10-bit
  • On-Chip DAC: 1-chx10-bit
  • Watchdog Timers: 1

The LPC2138FBD64/01,15 is a 60 MHz single chip 16/32-bit microcontroller with real-time emulation and embedded trace support. It is available in 64 pin LQFP package.

The 128-bit wide memory interface and a unique accelerator architecture enable 32-bit code execution at maximum clock rate. For critical code size applications, the alternative 16-bit Thumb mode reduces code by more than 30 % with minimal performance penalty.


  • Fast GPIO ports enable port pin toggling up to 3.5 times faster than the original LPC213x. They also allow for a port pin to be read at any time regardless of its function.
  • Dedicated result registers for ADC(s) reduce interrupt overhead.
  • UART0/1 include fractional baud rate generator, auto-bauding capabilities and handshake flow-control fully implemented in hardware.
  • Additional BOD control enables further reduction of power consumption.
  • 16/32-bit ARM7TDMI-S microcontroller in a tiny LQFP64 or HVQFN64 package
  • Single 10-bit DAC provides variable analog output (LPC2132/34/36/38).
  • Two 32-bit timers/external event counters (with four capture and four compare channels each), PWM unit (six outputs) and watchdog
  • Low power Real-time clock with independent power and dedicated 32 kHz clock input
  • Vectored interrupt controller with configurable priorities and vector addresses.
  • Up to forty-seven 5 V tolerant general purpose I/O pins in tiny LQFP64 or HVQFN package.
  • Up to nine edge or level sensitive external interrupt pins available.
  • 60 MHz maximum CPU clock available from programmable on-chip PLL with settling time of 100 µs
  • Power saving modes include Idle and Power-down
  • Processor wake-up from Power-down mode via external interrupt or BOD



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