TSL257 Series 35 dB at 1 kHz 5.5 V 3.5 mA Light-to-Voltage Converter - 3 Pin

Mfr Part#: TSL257-LF
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  • Type: Light to Voltage Converter
  • Wavelength: 645 nm
  • Forward (Drive) Current: 3.5 mA

The TSL257-LF Series is a high-sensitivity low-noise light-to-voltage optical converter that combines a photodiode and a transimpedance amplifier on a single monolithic CMOS integrated circuit. Output voltage is directly proportional to light intensity (irradiance) on the photodiode.

The TSL257 has a transimpedance gain of 320 MΩ. The device has improved offset voltage stability and low power consumption and is supplied in a 3-lead clear plastic sidelooker package with an integral lens. When supplied in the lead (Pb) free package, the device is RoHS compliant.


  • Converts Light Intensity to Output Voltage
  • Monolithic Silicon IC Containing Photodiode, Operational Amplifier, and Feedback Components
  • High Sensitivity
  • Single Voltage Supply Operation (2.7 V to 5.5 V)
  • Low Noise (200 μVrms Typ to 1 kHz)
  • Rail-to-Rail Output
  • High Power-Supply Rejection (35 dB at 1 kHz)
  • Compact 3-Leaded Plastic Package
  • RoHS Compliant (LF Package Only)

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