SP331 Series 10 Mbps 5 V Programmable RS-232/RS-485 Transceiver - SOIC-28

Mfr Part#: SP331CT-L
Mounting Method:  Surface Mount
Package Style:  SOIC-28
Packaging:  TUBE
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  • Data Rate: 10 Mbps
  • Supply Voltage: 5 V
  • Operating Temp Range: 0 to 70 °C
EXAR, the market leader, offers the industry's broadest line-up of UART and serial protocol transceivers solutions.

With over 200 devices, wide 2.25 to 5.5V power supply range, 1 to 128 bytes of FIFO and compliance with the universal 3.3/5V PCI, Intel and Motorola bus interfaces, including single protocol ICs that support RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 as well as dual and multi-protocol ICs that support from 2 to 8 of the most popular interface standards with a single IC, Exar has already done the difficult work for you.

We can deliver an immediate competitive advantage to your compressed time-to-market demands accelerating initial design, to functioning prototype and finally volume production.

The SP331 is a programmable RS-232 and/or RS-485 transceiver IC. The SP331 contains four drivers and four receivers when selected in RS-232 mode; and two drivers and two receivers when selected in RS-485 mode. The SP331 also contains a dual mode which has two RS-232 drivers/receivers plus one differential RS-485 driver/receiver.

The RS-232 transceivers can typically operate at 230kbps while adhering to the RS-232 specifications. The RS-485 transceivers can operate up to 10Mbps while adhering to the RS-485 specifications. The SP331 includes a self-test loopback mode where the driver outputs are internally configured to the receiver inputs. This allows for easy diagnostic serial port testing without using an external loopback plug. The RS-232 and RS-485 drivers can be disabled (High-Z output) by controlling a set of four select pins.


  • +5V Only Operation
  • Software Programmable RS-232 or RS-485 Selection
  • Four RS-232 Transceivers iRS-232 Mode
  • Two RS-485 Full-Duplex Transceivers in RS-485 Mode
  • Two RS-232 Transceivers and One RS-485 Transceiver in Dual Mode
  • Self-Testing Loopback Mode
  • Full Driver Tri-State (Hi-Z) Control
  • Ideal for RS-232 to RS-485 conversion

Multiprotocol implies, simply, that the part can support numerous interface protocols on an application. Examples of which would be, RS232, RS485, RS422, EIA-530 etc..

SP331 Series 28 Lead WSOIC Single Chip Programmable RS-232/RS-485 Transceiver

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