ST16C2550 Series 1.5 Mbps 5.5 V Dual UART With 16-Byte Transmit - TQFP-48

Mfr Part#: ST16C2550IQ48-F
Mounting Method:  Surface Mount
Package Style:  TQFP-48
Packaging:  TRAY
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Product Highlight

  • Data Rate: 4 Mbps
  • No of Functions / Channels: 2
  • Interface Circuit Type: UART
  • Supply Voltage-Nom: 2.97 to 5.5 V

EXAR, the market leader, offers the industry's broadest line-up of UART and serial protocol transceivers solutions.

With over 200 devices, wide 2.25 to 5.5V power supply range, 1 to 128 bytes of FIFO and compliance with the universal 3.3/5V PCI, Intel and Motorola bus interfaces, including single protocol ICs that support RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 as well as dual and multi-protocol ICs that support from 2 to 8 of the most popular interface standards with a single IC, Exar has already done the difficult work for you.

We can deliver an immediate competitive advantage to your compressed time-to-market demands accelerating initial design, to functioning prototype and finally volume production.

The ST16C2550 (2550) is a dual universal asynchronous receiver and transmitter (UART). The ST16C2550 is an improved version of the NS16C550 UART with higher operating speed and ower access time. The 2550 provides enhanced UART functions with 16 byte FIFO’s, a modem control interface, and data rates up to 1.5Mbps. Onboard status registers provide the user with error indications and operational status. System interrupts and modem control features may be tailored by external software to meet specific user requirements.

An internal loop-back capability allows onboard diagnostics. Independent programmable baud rate generators are provided to select transmit and receive clock rates from 50 Bps to 1.5 Mbps. The Baud rate generator can be configured for either crystal or external clock input.

The ST16C2550 is available in a 40-pin plastic-DIP, 44-pin PLCC, and 48-pin TQFP packages. The 40 pin package does not offer TXRDY and RXRDY pins (DMA Signal monitoring). Otherwise the three package versions are the same. The ST16C2550 is functionally compatible with the ST16C2450. The ST16C2550 is fabricated in an advanced CMOS process to achieve low drain power and high speed requirements.


  • Dual UART device
  • Pin and functionally compatible to ST16C2450 and software compatible with INS8250, NS16C550
  • Up to 4 Mbps with external clock of 64 MHz
  • Up to 1.5Mbps data rate with a 24MHz crystal frequency
  • 16 byte transmit FIFO to reduce the bandwidth requirement of the external CPU.
  • 16 byte receive FIFO with error flags to reduce the bandwidth requirement of the external CPU
  • Independent transmit and receive UART control
  • Four selectable Receive FIFO interrupt trigger levels
  • Modem control signals (-CTS, -RTS, -DSR, -DTR, -RI, -CD, and Software controllable line break)
  • Programmable character lengths (5, 6, 7, 8) with Even, odd, or no parity
  • Status report register
  • Crystal or external clock input
  • TTL compatible inputs, outputs
  • 3.3V or 5V supply operation
  • Pb-Free, RoHS Compliant Versions Offered

ST16C Series 48 Lead TQFP Dual Universal Asynchronous Receiver and Transmitter

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