SC16IS760 Series I2C Bus / SPI Interface 5 Mbps Single Channel UART - HVQFN-24

Mfr Part#: SC16IS760IBS,151
Mounting Method:  Surface Mount
Package Style:  HVQFN-24
Packaging:  TRAY
Std Packaging Qty:  490



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Product Highlight

  • Data Rate: 5 Mbps
  • No of Functions / Channels: 1
  • Interface Circuit Type: I2C / SPI
  • Supply Voltage-Nom: 2.3 to 3.6 V

The SC16IS740/750/760 is a slave I2C-bus/SPI interface to a single-channel high performance UART. It offers data rates up to 5 Mbit/s and guarantees low operating and sleeping current. The SC16IS750 and SC16IS760 also provide the application with 8 additional programmable I/O pins. The device comes in very small HVQFN24, TSSOP24 (SC16IS750/760) and TSSOP16 (SC16IS740) packages, which makes it ideally suitable for handheld, battery operated applications. This family of products enables seamless protocol conversion from I2C-bus or SPI to and RS-232/RS-485 and are fully bidirectional.

The SC16IS760 differs from the SC16IS750 in that it supports SPI clock speeds up to 15 Mbit/s instead of the 4 Mbit/s supported by the SC16IS750, and in that it supports IrDA SIR up to 1.152 Mbit/s. In all other aspects, the SC16IS760 is functionally and electrically the same as the SC16IS750. The SC16IS740 is functionally and electrically identical to the SC16IS750, with the exception of the programmable I/O pins which are
only present on the SC16IS750.

General features:

  • Single full-duplex UART
  • Selectable I2C-bus or SPI interface
  • 3.3 V or 2.5 V operation
  • Industrial temperature range: -40 °C to +95 °C
  • 64 bytes FIFO (transmitter and receiver)
  • Fully compatible with industrial standard 16C450 and equivalent
  • Baud rates up to 5 Mbit/s in 16´ clock mode
  • Auto hardware flow control using RTS/CTS
  • Auto software flow control with programmable Xon/Xoff characters
  • Single or double Xon/Xoff characters
  • Automatic RS-485 support (automatic slave address detection)
  • Up to eight programmable I/O pins (SC16IS750 and SC16IS760 only)
  • RS-485 driver direction control via RTS signal
  • RS-485 driver direction control inversion
  • Built-in IrDA encoder and decoder interface
  • SC16IS750 supports IrDA SIR with speeds up to 115.2 kbit/s
  • SC16IS760 supports IrDA SIR with speeds up to 1.152 Mbit/s1
  • Software reset
  • Transmitter and receiver can be enabled/disabled independent of each other
  • Receive and Transmit FIFO levels
  • Programmable special character detection

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