SA605 Series 500 MHz Monolithic Low Power Mixer FM IF System - SSOP-20

Mfr Part#: SA605DK/01,112
Mounting Method:  Surface Mount
Package Style:  SSOP-20
Packaging:  TUBE
Std Packaging Qty:  75



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Product Highlight

  • Operating Frequency: 500 MHz
  • Conversion Gain: 13 dB

The SA605 is a high performance monolithic low-power FM IF system incorporating a mixer/oscillator, two limiting intermediate frequency amplifiers, quadrature detector, muting, logarithmic received signal strength indicator (RSSI), and voltage regulator. The SA605 combines the functions of Signetics’ SA602 and SA604A, but features a higher mixer input intercept point, higher IF bandwidth (25MHz) and temperature compensated RSSI and limiters permitting higher performance application. The SA605 is available in 20-lead dual-in-line plastic, 20-lead SOL (surface-mounted miniature package) and 20-lead SSOP (shrink small outline package).

The SA605 and SA615 are functionally the same device types. The difference between the two devices lies in the guaranteed specifications. The SA615 has a higher ICC, lower input third order intercept point, lower conversion mixer gain, lower limiter gain, lower AM rejection, lower SINAD, higher THD, and higher RSSI error than the SA605. Both the SA605 and SA615 devices will meet the EIA specifications for AMPS and TACS cellular radio applications.

For additional technical information please refer to application notes AN1994, 1995 and 1996, which include example application diagrams, a complete overview of the product, and artwork for reference.


  • Low power consumption: 5.7mA typical at 6V
  • Mixer input to >500MHz
  • Mixer conversion power gain of 13dB at 45MHz
  • Mixer noise figure of 4.6dB at 45MHz
  • XTAL oscillator effective to 150MHz (L.C. oscillator to 1GHz local oscillator can be injected)
  • 102dB of IF Amp/Limiter gain
  • 25MHz limiter small signal bandwidth
  • Temperature compensated logarithmic Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) with a dynamic range in excess of 90dB
  • Two audio outputs - muted and unmuted
  • Low external component count; suitable for crystal/ceramic/LC filters
  • Excellent sensitivity: 0.22mV into 50W matching network for 12dB SINAD (Signal to Noise and Distortion ratio) for 1kHz tone with RF at 45MHz and IF at 455kHz
  • A605 meets cellular radio specifications
  • ESD hardened


  • Cellular radio FM IF
  • High performance communications receivers
  • Single conversion VHF/UHF receivers
  • SCA receivers
  • RF level meter
  • Spectrum analyzer
  • Instrumentation
  • FSK and ASK data receivers
  • Log amps
  • Wideband low current amplification

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