RF300 Series 150 kbps 915 MHz SNAP Engine Module w/ RPSMA Antenna Connect

Mfr Part#: RF300PD1
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Product Highlight

  • Module: SNAP
  • Data Rate: 150 kbps
  • Range: 4.82 km
  • RF Band: 915 MHz
  • Certified: Yes

RF300PD1 The all-in-one solution to your embedded wireless control and monitoring needs. Just apply power and you’reinstantly connected in a SNAP® mesh network. Typical applications include a wireless serial port, sensor monitoring, actuator control, or an intelligent embedded controller.The Synapse RF Engine offers unmatched performance in a 2.4GHz IEEE 802.15.4 module.

Synapse provides reliable IEEE802.15.4 RF Engines®. These small, low-powered, 2.4 GHz transmitter-receiver modules can have a range of up to three miles and power consumption as low as 2.5 μA. The RF Engines come loaded with the Synapse SNAP® network operating system.


  • SNAP – Instant-ON mesh network stack.
  • Powerful, reliable wireless connection in 900MHz licence-free band.
  • Optional, Transmit amplifier (20 dBm) for best-in-class rang.e
  • Multiple antenna choices.
    • SMA connector (reverse-polarity) for external antenna.
    • Embedded “F” antenna.
  • Receive amplifier (-121dBm) standard.
  • Up to 6-mile range.
  • Low power modes, down to 2.5 μA with internal timer running.
    • FCC Certified on all 16 channels.


  • Wireless serial port.
  • sensor monitoring.
  • actuator control or an intelligent embedded controller.

RF300PD1 Specification:

  • 15 GPIO and up to 12 A/D inputs
  • 64k flash, and 64k free for uploading user applications over-the-air
  • One UART port for control or transparent data
  • Low power modes: <16μA with internal timer running
  • Frequency Hopping (FHSS) technology
  • Socket-able or solder-able
  • 150Kbps RF Data Rate
  • 915 MHz RF Frequency
  • 20 dBm Transmit Power for best-in-class range
  • RPSMA antenna connector(up to 6 miles LoS)

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