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Aavid Thermalloy, LLC is the world’s leading provider of thermal management solutions. Founded in 1964 as Aavid Engineering, Aavid quickly established a reputation for excellence and in 1999 acquired Thermalloy, Inc.


Today Aavid Thermalloy's largest business is devoted exclusively to the thermal management of electronic systems.  Aavid Thermalloy is the partner of choice for electronics companies focused on introducing next generation products to market faster, with greater reliability, and increased functionality. Leading the way with the industry’s broadest line of standard products, Aavid Thermalloy is the most recognized heat sink manufacturer in the world.


Aavid Thermalloy solutions cool critical electronic components in computers, transportation, communications infrastructure, power supplies, motor controls, power conversion equipment, and more.


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PPS Insulating 0.3" Diameter Shoulder Washer

Mfr Part#:7721-9PPS

RoHS compliant

From as low as   $0.3100 USD

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7721 Series 200 °C Shoulder Washer 4 in Pounds Chemically Insert Shoulder Washer

Mfr Part#:7721-7PPSG

RoHS compliant

From as low as   $0.2450 USD

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