Giving Batteries A Better Life 

Ambiq Micro was founded in 2010 on the simple yet powerful notion that extremely low power semiconductors are the key to the future of electronics. Through the use of our pioneering ultra-low power technology, we help innovative companies around the world develop differentiated solutions that reduce or eliminate the need for batteries, lower overall system power, and maximize industrial design flexibility.

Ambiq Micro has developed breakthrough technology based on our patented Subthreshold Power Optimized Technology (SPOT™) platform that dramatically reduces the amount of power consumed by semiconductors thus making our integrated circuits (ICs) an ideal solution for energy critical applications. Ambiq Micro’s initial product is the world’s lowest power real-time clock (RTC). Ambiq will also soon be announcing a new family of very low power microcontroller (MCU) devices that further leverages Ambiq’s unique SPOT™ technology.

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