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With over 100 years of manufacturing experience, Kester is a leading global supplier of higher performance interconnecting materials and related services for the electronic and micro-component assembly markets.


Kester's global research and development strategy draws upon resources located in the U.S., Singapore, Germany, and Japan. Their R&D chemists are dedicated to advancing soldering technology to meet the needs of a constantly changing and advancing electronics marketplace.

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331 Water Soluble 63% Tin 37% Lead Solder Wire - Gauge 21

Mfr Part#:24-6337-64...

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275 No Clean Core 96.5% Tin 3% Silver 0.5% Copper Lead Free Solder Wire-Gauge 21

Mfr Part#:24-7068-7601

RoHS compliant

From as low as   $75.21 USD

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