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RENA has become a recognized and leading expert in the field of high quality electronic, mechanical and optical design of LED-applications in particular. All research, development and manufacturing takes place at our site in Zundert, the Netherlands. Our staff knows all about light, LED, RGB, DMX, DALI, controls, power supplies and more what is necessary to present your building or object in the desired (dynamic) light.


RENA has developed two concepts:

  • Bits2Power; an easy lighting control system
  • Led a la Carte; high impact ambient lighting fixtures


With the Bits2Power concept we make lighting control easy, by using only 2 wires. In our Led a la Carte portfolio we provide customized LED-fixtures. Together with you we come to solutions for your lighting challenges!






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Linear 3 Cool White LEDs (5500 K 200 lm) No Lens Connector

Mfr Part#:05704R9999...

RoHS compliant

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Circular Ø 75 mm 9 Neutral White LEDs (4100 K, 200 lm) No Lens Connector

Mfr Part#:05713R777760200CXXX

RoHS compliant

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