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Exploring Automated Point of Sale Innovations

A series of articles by Future Electronics Experts

When we talk about industry automation, industry 4.0 and robotics, we think mostly of machines and systems that operate in the back end of, for example, a manufacturing factory, or sorting out complicated logistic processes quickly and efficiently.  

But what can we say about the machines users interact with every day? Think self-checkout lanes, passport control terminals, or fully automated service processes such as automated ordering at fast food restaurants. 

Automated Point of Sale is one of the sectors of automation that are boosting efficiency in hundreds of consumer-facing applications every day. Just the Point of Sale Software market, for example, was valued at USD 21.1 billion by 2023 and is expected to grow to a buzzing USD 74.7 billion by 2032.  

As PoS innovations continue to grow, opportunities become endless. For this reason, we brought together a panel of experts from different areas of the industry to discuss topics from the relationship between automated POS systems and industry 4.0, the technological foundations of POS automation, advances in display technology, to the implementation of AI and more about the future of the sector.  

Our panelists for this series were:  

  • Sevin Samadi, sensors specialists at Future Connectivity Solutions, who guided on everything about Image Sensors 
  • Adam Larkin, Display & Touch Screen Specialist at Future Electronics answering all questions regarding Displays 
  • Don Gunn, Processor Specialist at Future Intelligent Solutions who gave us his insight on Embedded Systems, SOMs, and AI Edge Processing  
  • Lazina Rahman, Technical Marketing Engineer at Future Connectivity Solutions who was our mediator and guided us through our questions about wireless connectivity

The discussion was prompted by questions that were approached from each one’s own area of expertise, at times prompting new questions and displaying how the areas entangle and interact.   

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